Barbara Schwartz

Cooperative learning for staffs

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Cooperative learning for staffs Supervision

Analytische Jugendlichenpsychotherapie

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This awaits you:
Practical work

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Seminar papers
Ex-cathedra teaching


    *  Making a crib
    * Carousel
    * Place mat
    * Presentation
    * Team work
    * Fishbowl
    * Highlighting and structuring
    * Standing circle


    * Why self-dependent learning?
    * Change of teachers‘ performance.
    * Skills and expertise of pupils.
    * What to consider when doing team work?
    * How to divide into groups?
    * How to give marks for team work?
    * Vier-ohriger Empfänger
    * How to implement these methods at school?

Why should students and teachers profit from cooperative learning?

    * Promotes students’ learning and academic      achievement
    * Increases students‘ retention
    * Enhances students’ satisfaction with their learning experience
Helps students develop skills in oral communication
    * Develops students' social skills
    * Promotes students‘ self-esteem
    * Helps to promote positive race relations


    * Reduces teachers’  responsibility
    * Increases the possibility of individual coaching
    * Reduces stundents’ requests
    * Helps teachers to relax
    * Increases organisation and moderation
    * Reduces ex-cathedra teaching.